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M-1901-THERMAL-BLK   1901 Logo - Men's Detroit THERMAL- Black w/ Natural detail stitching
M-1901-THERMAL-GRY   1901 Logo - Men's Detroit THERMAL- Gray w/ white top-stitching detail.
M-1901-Blk   1901 Logo-Men's Detroit T-shirt-Black
M-Catmoondew   3 Cat Moon Tee-Men's Tiger T-shirt
W-CatMoonDew   3 Cat Moon-Woman's Detroit T-shirt
W-4xD-GRY   4x Detroit Retro print-Women's Detroit T-shirt-Gray Triblend
W-4xD-BLU   4x Detroit Retro print-Women's Detroit T-shirt-Royal Blue
W-4xD-TANK-BLU   4x Detroit Retro Tank-Women's Detroit Flowy Tank
W-4xD-TANK-GRY   4x Detroit Retro Tank-Women's Detroit Flowy Tank
M-4xD-GRY   4x Detroit Retro-Men's Detroit T-shirt-Gray Triblend
M-4xD-RYL   4x Detroit Retro-Men's Detroit T-shirt-Royal Blue
M-4xD-THERMAL-GRY   4x Detroit Retro-Men's Detroit Thermal-Gray.
Baby-4xD   4xDetroit - Baby's Detroit Onesie-Royal
ZIPHOOD-4xD   4xDetroit Retro-Heavyweight Hoodie-Gray
Baby-BI-Stripe   Belle Isle Anchor - Baby's Detroit Onesie- Navy Blue/White Stripe
M-BELLISLE-NVY   Belle Isle Anchor-Men's Detroit T-shirt. Navy Blue w/ Red.
M-BITA   Bob & Iggy & Ted & Alice - Men's Detroit T-shirt
W-BITA-LS   Bob & Iggy & Ted & Alice Dolman Sleeve-Women's Detroit Long Sleeve
M-BOH   Bohemian Beer - Men's Detroit T-shirt
M-BOHO-THERMAL   Bohemian Beer - Men's Detroit THERMAL-Natural w/ Charcoal top-stitching detail.
M-COT-2-nat   City of Tomorrow - Men's Detroit T-shirt
M-COT-3-char   City of Tomorrow - Men's Detroit T-shirt
M-COT-blk   City of Tomorrow - Men's Detroit T-shirt
M-COT-THERMAL   City of Tomorrow - Men's Detroit THERMAL-Black
W-Deer   Deer License Orange-Women's Michigan T-shirt
M-Deer   Deer License Red-Men's Michigan T-shirt
M-1701-ASPHALT   Detroit 1701 - Men's Detroit T-shirt
W-1701   Detroit 1701 - Women's Detroit T-shirt
M-45-STCH   Detroit 45 Record Gray - Men's Detroit T-shirt
M-BALLER   Detroit Baseball Skyline -Men's Navy Blue Detroit T-shirt.
Baby-BTREE-APL   Detroit Bee Tree - Baby's Detroit Onesie-Apple Green
Baby-BTREE-DK   Detroit Bee Tree - Baby's Detroit Onesie-Kelly Green
W-BeeTree   Detroit Bee Tree - Women's Detroit T-shirt
J-1   Detroit Black Denim Jacket
J-2 Patch   Detroit City Flag Patch Jacket
M-DRGWY   Detroit Dragway - Men's Detroit T-shirt- Black
Baby-WHTFLM   Detroit Flame - Baby's Detroit Onesie- White Flame on Green
M-FLAME-O   Detroit Flame - Men's Detroit T-shirt. Olive Green.
T-FLM-ORG   Detroit Flame - Toddler Detroit T-Shirt-Orange
Baby-FOILFLAME-EMR   Detroit Flame-Baby's Detroit Onesie- Red Foil Flame on Emerald Green Onesie
Baby-NVYFLM   Detroit Flame-Baby's Detroit Onesie-Navy Flame on Orange
Baby-ORNGFLM   Detroit Flame-Baby's Detroit Onesie-Orange Flame on Athletic Gray
Baby-FOILFLAME-CHAR   Detroit Flame-Baby's Detroit Onesie-Red Foil Flame on Charcoal Gray
W-Flame-NVY   Detroit Flame-Women's Detroit T-shirt-Navy Blue
M-WHSKY   Detroit Irish Whiskey - Men's Detroit T-shirt-Forest Green
Baby-DIFL   Detroit is for Lovers - Baby's Detroit Onesie- Hot Pink
W-DIFL-BLU-V   Detroit Is For Lovers-Blue Triblend-Women's V-NECK Detroit T-shirt
W-LOVE-THERM-Teal   Detroit Love-In - Women's Detroit Thermal Shirt
DOG-Leash-BLK   Detroit Map Leash-Black w/ Charcoal
DOG-Leash-BLKHPNK   Detroit Map Leash-Black w/ Hot Pink
DOG-Leash-BBLGM   Detroit Map Leash-Bubblegum Pink
DOG-Leash-GRN   Detroit Map Leash-Grass Green
DOG-Leash-MAG   Detroit Map Leash-Magenta
DOG-Leash-MINT   Detroit Map Leash-Mint Green
DOG-Leash-NVYORG   Detroit Map Leash-Navy Blue w/ Orange
DOG-Leash-ORG   Detroit Map Leash-Orange
DOG-Leash-BLUBRWN   Detroit Map Leash-Powder Blue w/ Chocolate Brown
DOG-Leash-RED   Detroit Map Leash-Red
DOG-Leash-ROYGLD   Detroit Map Leash-Royal Blue w/ Gold
DOG-Leash-TRQRED   Detroit Map Leash-Turquoise w/ Red
M-ARCH   Detroit Muscle - Men's Detroit T-shirt
M-PISTN   Detroit Muscle Piston - Men's Detroit T-shirt
ZIPHOOD-PSTN   Detroit Muscle Piston Hoodie - Men's Detroit Hoodie
M-WRKSHRT-PSTN   Detroit Muscle Piston Workshirt - Men's Detroit Workshirt
M-ORGSHOT-Athl   Detroit Orange Shotblast w/ Navy Blue outline - Men's Detroit T-shirt-Athletic Gray
M-TIRE   Detroit Red Foil Tire - Men's Detroit T-shirt
W-SHTGN-Athl   Detroit Shotblast Gray/Org- Women's Detroit T-shirt
M-SKY   Detroit Skyline - Men's Detroit T-shirt
Baby-BUS   Detroit Soul - Baby's Detroit Onesie-Yellow
M-ERN-NVY   Ernie Harwell Has a Posse-Men's T-shirt-Navy Blue
W-ERN-NVY   Ernie Harwell Has a Posse-Women's T-shirt-Navy Blue
G-4xDetroit-Plum   Girl's 4xDetroit - Youth Detroit T-shirt-Plum
G-BelleIsle-TRQ   Girl's Belle Isle Anchor - Youth Detroit T-shirt- Turquoise/Red
G-MISS-Lav   Girl's Little Miss Detroit - Youth Detroit T-shirt- Lavender
G-SOUL-YLW   Girl's Soul Bus-Youth Detroit T-shirt-Butter
M-IRE vs E   Ireland vs Everybody- Men's St. Patrick's Day T-shirt-Irish Green
Baby-KITTEN   Irish you would kiss me! - Baby's Detroit Onesie- Mint Green
W-JRSY KITTEN   Irish You Would Kiss Me!- Women's St. Patrick's Day Jersey T-shirt-White/Kelly Green
W-MNT KITTEN   Irish You Would Kiss Me!- Women's St. Patrick's Day T-shirt-Mint Green
DOG-L/WIDE-Collar-BLU/BRWN   Large Detroit Map Dog Collar-WIDE-Blue with Brown
DOG-L/WIDE-Collar-BBLGM   Large Detroit Map Dog Collar-WIDE-Bubblegum Pink
DOG-L/WIDE-Collar-GRY   Large Detroit Map Dog Collar-WIDE-Charcoal Gray
DOG-L/WIDE-Collar-GRN   Large Detroit Map Dog Collar-WIDE-Grass Green
DOG-L/WIDE-Collar-MNT   Large Detroit Map Dog Collar-WIDE-Mint
DOG-L/WIDE-Collar-NVY/ORG   Large Detroit Map Dog Collar-WIDE-Navy Blue with Orange
DOG-L/WIDE-Collar-PURBLK   Large Detroit Map Dog Collar-WIDE-Purple with Black.
DOG-L/WIDE-Collar-RED   Large Detroit Map Dog Collar-WIDE-Red
DOG-L/WIDE-Collar-TRQRED   Large Detroit Map Dog Collar-WIDE-Turquoise with Red.
M-LEGAL   Legalize It- Unisex St. Patrick's Day Crewneck Sweatshirt-Irish Green
Baby-LMD-Grn   Little Miss Detroit - Baby's Detroit Onesie-Green
W-LMD-Prpl   Little Miss Detroit - Women's Detroit T-shirt
Baby-LMD-LAV   Little Miss Detroit-Baby's Detroit Onesie-Lavender
Baby-LMD-Pink   Little Miss Detroit-Baby's Detroit Onesie-Pink
Baby-LMD-PRPL   Little Miss Detroit-Baby's Detroit Onesie-Purple
DOG-M-Collar-BLKHPNK   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Black with Hot Pink.
DOG-M-Collar-BLU/BRWN   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Blue with Chocolate brown
DOG-M-Collar-BBLGM   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Bubblegum Pink
DOG-M-Collar-GRY   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Gray
DOG-M-Collar-LAV   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Lavender with Purple.
DOG-M-Collar-MGNTA   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Magenta
DOG-M-Collar-MINT   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Mint Green
DOG-M-Collar-YLW   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Neon Yellow
DOG-M-Collar-ORG   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Orange
DOG-M-Collar-RED   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Red
DOG-M-Collar-TRQRED   Medium Detroit Map Dog Collar-Turquoise with Red
M-MI-LEFT   Michigan Left- Men's Michigan T-shirt. Silver Gray.
W-MISSD   Miss Detroit-Women's Detroit T-shirt-Emerald Green
Baby-MrDBLU   Mr. Detroit - Baby's Detroit Onesie-Baby Blue
Baby-MRD   Mr. Detroit - Baby's Detroit Onesie-Black
M-ED FITZ-BLK   S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald- Men's Michigan T-shirt. Black.
M-SAINTS   Saints Preserve Us...I'm Drunk!- Men's Detroit T-shirt-Heathered Irish Green
BELT-BBLGM   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map- Bubblegum Pink w/ black print.
BELT-BLK   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Black w/ charcoal gray print.
BELT-BLKRUST   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Black w Rust print.
BELT-BLK/HOTPNK   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Black w/ Hot Pink print.
BELT-CAMO   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Camouflage w/ Orange Print
BELT-CHAR   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Charcoal Gray w/ black print
BELT-DKGRN/WHT   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Dark Green w/ white print. A tip of the hat to a vintage MI license plate!
BELT-DKPRPL   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Dark Purple with Black print.
BELT-MGNTA   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Magenta w/ black print.
BELT-MINTBLK   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Mint Green w/ Black print.
BELT-NVY/ORG   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Navy Blue w/ Orange map print.
BELT-YLW   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Neon Yellow w/ black print.
BELT-OLV   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Olive green w/ black print.
BELT-ORG   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Orange w/ black print
BELT-RED   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Red w/ black print.
BELT-BLU/WHT   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Royal Blue w/ white print. A tip of the hat to our old license plate!
BELT-TRQ/RED   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-Turquoise Blue w/ Red map print.
BELT-WHT   Seatbelt Belt-Detroit Map-White w/ black print.
DOG-S-Collar-BLUBRWN   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Blue w/ Brown
DOG-S-Collar-BBLGM   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Bubblegum Pink
DOG-S-Collar-GRY   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Charcoal Gray
DOG-S-Collar-GRN   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Grass Green
DOG-S-Collar-LAV   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Lavender with Purple
DOG-S-Collar-MINT   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Mint Green
DOG-S-Collar-NVY/ORG   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Navy with Orange
DOG-S-Collar-ORG   Small Detroit map Dog Collar-Orange
DOG-S-Collar-RED   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Red
DOG-S-Collar-TRQRED   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Turquoise with Red
DOG-S-Collar-YLW   Small Detroit Map Dog Collar-Yellow
T-BelleIsle-Red   Toddler Belle Isle/Detroit T-shirt. Garnet w/ Navy.
T-Ball-NVY   Toddler Detroit Baseball Theme T-shirt-Navy Blue
T-DIFL-BRY   Toddler Detroit Landmarks T-shirt-Berry
T-4xD-Blue   Toddler Detroit T-shirt-4x Detroit-Blue
T-TIRE-FOIL   Toddler Detroit T-shirt-Tire-Charcoal Gray w/ Red Foil
T-Mr.D-INDIGO   Toddler Mr. Detroit T-shirt. Indigo/Slate Blue.
T-LMD-PNK   Toddler T-shirt Little Miss Detroit-Pink
M-USSD-GRY   USS Detroit-Men's Detroit T-shirt- Heather Gray
Y-4xD-RYL   Youth 4xDetroit Retro print- Child's unisex Detroit T-shirt
Y-COT-Char   Youth City Of Tomorrow - Child's Unisex Detroit T-shirt
Y-Arch   Youth Detroit Muscle Arch- Child's Detroit T-shirt
Y-PSTN   Youth Detroit Muscle Piston - Child's Detroit T-shirt
Y-SKY   Youth Detroit Skyline- Child's unisex Detroit T-shirt
Y-TIRE   Youth Detroit Tire- Child's Detroit T-shirt
Y-MR.D   Youth Mr. Detroit - Boy's Detroit T-shirt
Y-Baller   Youth- Baseball/Skyline- Child's Detroit T-shirt- Navy

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